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Our Mission

  • To bring together investigators from across the University of Utah and beyond to establish multidisciplinary collaborations devoted to studies concerning air quality.
  • To be a recognized, credible resource for information concerning air quality for use by universities, business and industry, education, and public policy decision makers.
  • To exploit the distinctive and varied environment in the state to generate new knowledge concerning the impact of air quality on human health and society.
  • To explore all facets of air pollution, from its generation to health-effects mechanisms in individuals to societal implications and ways to reduce or mitigate these effects.

With support from the Offices of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Research, as well as the College of Engineering and the Southwest Consortium for Environmental Research and Policy, this Program will provide an important opportunity to catalyze collaboration.

Our fact sheet about air quality in Utah.


The Program for Air Quality, Health and Society was awarded a UCAIR grant to develop an air quality game with a goal of engaging high-school students around air quality and the effects of collective personal decisions on air quality.  Play the game here.

The Program received funding from the ERDC and the Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation to develop and validate a set of low-cost particulate matter sensors.

Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation recently funded the Program’s effort to understand the effect of poor air quality on the disadvantaged.

Our Internal Steering Committee

Robert Adler
Dean, College of Law
James I. Farr Chair in Law

Ed Clark
Chair, Department of Pediatrics

James Ehleringer
Director, Stable Isotope Ratio Facility for Environmental Research
Distinguished Professor, Biology

Natalie Gochnour
Associate Dean David Eccles School of Business

John Hoidal
Chair, Department of Internal Medicine

John Horel
Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

JoAnn Lighty
Professor, Chemical Engineering

Robert Paine
Chief, Pulmonary Division
Director, Program for Air Quality, Health and Society

Kerry Kelly
Chemical Engineering
Associate Director, Program for Air Quality, Health and Society

Ex officio

Vivian Lee
Senior Vice President, Health Science
Dean, School of Medicine

Dean Li
Vice Dean for Research, University of Utah Health Care
Chief Scientific Officer, University of Utah Health Care