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Patient in the Air Quality Program funded study of chronic pulmonary idiopathy. The Dylos monitor in the background was modified for the study with support from the ERDC.

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Joint Air Quality Program – GCSC seminar by Prof. Dave Whiteman.

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View of Salt Lake City from Twin Peaks during an inversion, January 21, 2013 when PM2.5 concentrations in Salt Lake City were approximately 45 ug/m3 (NAAQS is 35 ug/m3). Photo by K. Kelly.

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Between January 1–24, 2013, Salt Lake City’s Hawthorne monitoring station exceeded fine particulate air quality standards on 15 days. This is based on available DAQ data as of February 15, 2013. Photo by K. Kelly.

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Soot contributes approximately 10% to fine particulate matter concentrations during inversions along the Wasatch Front. Transmission emission microscopy image of a soot particle from P. Toth.

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